Sierra Norte, Sierra Poblana

It is located 150 km from the city of Puebla. The municipality of Ahuacatlán is distinguished by its beautiful natural landscapes, where the Akuaticpak waterfall stands out.

Likewise, in architecture the famous Parish of San Juan Bautista stands out, built in 1701, of the indigenous baroque type. It is important to emphasize the mixture of cultures that exist in the municipality, since some communities are of Nahuatl origin, while others are of Totonac origin; and each one occupies the traditional dress of its roots.


To the north with Tlapacoya and San Felipe Tepatlán, to the east with Amixtlán and Tepango de Rodríguez, to the south with Tepetzintla, and to the west with Chiconcuautla and Zacatlán.