Magic Town, Sierra Norte

The Magic Town of Christmas
Picturesque in each of its corners, Chignahuapan is a canvas that with the happiest colors make this Magic Town the most lively and lively in Mexico.

Its ancient tradition in the elaboration of spheres illuminates this great town with unique and unique Christmas ornaments, a show that combines lights and many colors.

Through the streets of Chignahuapan the great humor of the Mexican comedian “Capulina” was forged and through these same streets you can meet the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, enjoy the hot springs and be a participant in the November of the Festival of Light and Life , a representation of the road after the death of a warrior in Mictlan.

Its boundaries are to the North with Zacatlán, to the South with the State of Tlaxcala, to the West with Zacatlán and Aquixtla and to the West with the State of Hidalgo.

Activities in Chignahuapan