Magic Town

& #8220; Talavera, indigenous art and the encounter of two worlds & #8221;

This ancient indigenous capital guarded by the Popocatepetl volcano - actually two cities, San Pedro and San Andrés - are the headquarters of the largest pyramid in Mesoamerica, which almost with a million cubic meters, experts say it is larger than the from Giza.

Pre-Hispanic sanctuaries, Mudejar arches, baroque domes, fortress convents and the inexhaustible indigenous creativity coexist in the spiritual and artistic explosion of what is now Cholula.

In this magical town very close to the City of Puebla, its many colonial-era temples stand out - so many, it is said, there is one for each day of the year.

The magic of Cholula is lived and enjoyed in its traditions that are anchored in two worlds.


To the north with San Pedro Cholula, to the south with Ocoyucan, to the west with San Gregorio Atzompa and to the east with Puebla de Zaragoza.

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