Magic Town, Sierra Norte

Mysticism in the Magic Mountains

Arriving in Pahuatlan is taking a trip back in time, this region surrounded by valleys and ravines, has managed to keep its ways of life and traditions intact over the centuries.

Nestled in the Sierra Norte de Puebla, this region is known primarily for the development of amate paper, originally from the community of San Pablito, and is the only place where this craft is still made with ancestral techniques.

During your tour of this place, it is essential that you walk along the Miguel Hidalgo and Costilla suspension bridge, enjoy a delicious coffee in the main square or a typical dish.


To the north with Tlacuilotepec and the state of Hidalgo, to the south with Naupan and the state of Hidalgo, to the west with Naupan and Tlacuilotepec, and to the west with the state of Hidalgo and Honey.

Activities in Pahuatlan