Tehuacán and Sierra Negra

Life reserve, fossils, corn, minerals and waters.
The peaceful city of Tehuacán is the capital of a valley rich in history. Human history and natural history. Inhabited for more than 8 thousand years, the oldest fossils of corn have been discovered here, the crop that allowed man to settle and flourish Mesoamerican cultures.

The Camino Real passed through here and the city was born and the convents, churches, markets, squares were founded.

The ancients already knew the properties of their mineral waters, the same that we continue to enjoy today. And from the coexistence of Spaniards and indigenous people, an extraordinary gastronomy emerged, which

he dresses in ritual every year at the Hip Mole Festival.

But the valley has also bequeathed us the privilege of looking at eras already passed through the minerals - which are exhibited in the excellent museum located in the El Carmen Cultural Center - and the abundant fossil sites. In this amazing region the Tehuacan-Cuicatlan Biosphere Reserve originates, a true refuge of biodiversity and a paradise for photographers, with its splendid desert landscapes. A magical place that exerts a powerful fascination on the traveler.

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