Northeast Sierra

Place next to the hill full of hail
Teziutlán is located in the northwestern part of the State of Puebla, in the Northeast Region. Its name comes from the Nahuas roots and means.

In the Center of Teziutlán you can admire the cathedral church dating from the year 1552, as well as The roundabout of illustrious characters an architectural work that gathers all the illustrious characters of Teziutlán. You can also get to know the old railway station is a historical monument of Teziutlán, it was a gift from General Porfirio Díaz. Also enjoy natural attractions such as the misty forest, the watchtower or the enchanted waterfall.

Colindancias to the North with Hueyapan and Hueytamalco, to the East with Xiutetelco and Jalacingo, Veracruz, to the South with Atempan and Chignautla and to the West with Yaonáhuac.

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