Northeast Sierra, Sierra Norte

Located 139 km from Puebla, Xochiapulco offers an excellent natural landscape with its imposing waterfall La Gloria of approximately 30 meters high.

It also highlights in this municipality the national monument of Las Trincheras, which was built in 1854 with the purpose of making a fortress and defending the dignity of the people and national sovereignty before the conservative clergy that served the Austro-Belgian empire, commanded by the French army that sought the subjugation of the soldiers of Xochiapulco, to later seize the forts of Loreto and Guadalupe in the city of Puebla and thus reestablish the empire in the capital of the Mexican Republic.


To the north with the municipality of Xochitlán de Vicente Suárez, to the east with Zacapoaxtla, to the south with that of Zautla, and to the west with Tetela de Ocampo.

Activities in Xochiapulco