10 drinks that every poblano who says respect, must know

You are one of the people who taste drinks with or without alcohol, if so, we recommend you try these proudly poblano delights. Without a doubt they are the perfect pretext to know them and look for them not only in the city but also throughout the state.

We start with Acachul, a drink made with wild strawberries and cane alcohol. It was one of the first wines that the Spaniards made in Mexico and that you can find in Xicotepec de Juárez, because it is the region that produces this unique liquid.

One of the liquors produced in the northern highlands is the Yolixpa, which is prepared with 23 or up to 32 herbs; These include mint, sage, thyme or oregano, which are placed in purified water and mixed with brandy, which functions as a natural preservative.

Another typical drink of the state, is the one made from apple, exactly we talk about the Cider either from Huejotzingo or Zacatlán, regions that have stood out for being the main producers of this liquor. There are two types, the natural one and the pink one, its procedure allows to age the liquid in wooden barrels.

In fourth position, we have Rompope, this creamy drink is recognized nationally; and it is derived from the mixture of egg yolks, ground almonds, milk, liquor, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla.

Named for the place where it is served, “La Pasita” is a handmade beverage and consists of raisin liquor to which a small portion of cheese is added, along with a dried fruit, the peculiar mixture of flavors causes an explosion to the palate at the time of taking it.

Liquor of 14 tortillas from Zacatlán, made from a special combination of 14 aromatic herbs such as cedron, melissa, mint, peppermint and anise. Its peculiar flavor makes it one of the most famous liquors in the Sierra Norte, and is usually recommended as a digestive.

Pahuatlán is in charge of offering the peculiar drink you long for in the morning, coffee, which is sown and harvested in this magical town. Aspects such as acidity, blackness and aroma dignify such a peculiar drink as one of the main representatives of the state.

Pulque or white liquor, is an ancestral drink that Puebla offers, this peculiar liquid is made with maguey plants that are already ripe, from which the mead emanates, which is fermented until obtaining the thick and viscous texture that characterizes it .

Mezcal is another drink that has been produced in the state for more than 200 years in San Diego Tochimiltzingo, the main varieties are: sprat, breast, papalome, scorpion and barrel. Its production begins with the cutting of agave plants or “pñas”, which are peeled and cooked and then ground. In addition, it is produced in 16 municipalities of Puebla and now has a Denomination of Origin.

Finally, we have Cacao or Xocolátl, it is a typical drink of the magical town of Cholula itself that is made with cocoa, water and ground corn. Its foamy consistency which is produced by the rapid movement of the grinder, makes it appetizing and difficult to refuse to try.

And to tell the truth, there is a great variety of drinks that deserve to be honored for being part of the poblano identity, either for its traditional preparation or the ingredients that are used.

Which ones would you add to the list?