5 very lively traditions, to celebrate the dead in Puebla.

Our beloved state has its own traditions, and each municipality has its own uses and customs. But if there is a tradition that unifies the entire entity and that is found in each town, it is without a doubt, the celebration of the Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday that honors our loved ones who have already passed away. This tradition is the result of the crossbreeding of two cultures, which remains to this day and that you can live in different ways in the state.

Chignahuapan is in the northern highlands of Puebla, there, the Festival of Light and Life takes place on November 1, 2 and 3, an event that begins with the torchlight march on the Causeway of Souls and culminates in the lagoon, with the representation of the journey that souls follow to reach Mictlán, all this on a floating pyramid and fireworks.

Altars of up to four floors, are the ones you will find in Huaquechula, its inhabitants prepare these magnificent offerings from October 28 to await the arrival of their dead, whom they receive with marigold flowers, confetti, candlesticks with flaked waxes, the singular bread of the dead, fruit, food, drink and everything that in life pleased their loved ones. Remember that if you visit this place you must show your respect by offering a candle.

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Another of the places to visit is the magical town of Atlixco, know the amazing monumental mat that is made on October 28 with more than 150 thousand flowers in yellow, orange, purple and white tones, which together form images alluding to the day of the dead . Its parade of skulls is another of the activities that this town has to offer, in it, they present thousands of people disguised as the popular character of “La Catrina or Catrín”, who march in a gloomy environment to the rhythm of popular music on day 2 of November.

In Tochimilco, the party is special in La Magdalena Yancuitlalpan. If you visit this place, it is advisable to take a tour of the pantheon where the tombs are covered, and then visit the altars, which are characterized by being made in stages based on their main material, confetti . So that finally on the night of November 2, they watch and dismiss the faithful departed in their mausoleums.

Finally, in this top. the offering corridor that is placed in the capital of Puebla, is the perfect pretext to visit it, to visit the points of the historic center, where these altars are placed, which measure between 10 meters wide and 5 meters high, decorated with traditional articles of the season and dedicated to historical figures of the state.

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And you, which of these unique celebrations will you visit in this Day of the Dead season.