A Mexican night in the purest poblano style.

We know that you as we consider September as one of the most important months for all Mexicans, specifically the night of September 15, because we celebrate the beginning of the country's independence. It is that day of our beloved “mes patrio” which we take as a holiday full of music, typical food and deep-rooted customs.

As with any party, food is considered the main hostess. It is here when we ask ourselves, who does not like Mexican cuisine? and more if it is the poblana, a cuisine recognized for its unique dishes, which in a Mexican party can not be missing.

It must be said that it is the perfect date to give us the pleasure of trying exquisite chalupas, and that is that nobody refuses such a peculiar appetizer, whether with red or green sauce, chicken, tinga or pork, they are perfect to spend the evening.



Another taste that you should not miss is the poblana flip flops, a pambazo filled with avocado, lettuce, sausage and bathed in a stew of guajillo chili with ground meat, it is something that no guest will resist tasting.



Mushroom with cheese, ham with cheese, tinga or pork rind, molotes are another of the dishes that you want to spoil your assistants and more at dinner time, where you can make sure that more than one will want to try.



The traditional cemites are a delight that you should try, composed of papapa, avocado, chipotle, cheese and / or quesillo are undoubtedly a meal that can not be missed in the national celebration, its variety is wide there are of Milanese, ham, leg of pork and carnitas, something that will fascinate the guests.

Finally, the highly acclaimed chile en nogada, worthy representative of the national colors. The green is taken from the chili stuffed with meat and fruits of the season, covered with a white snowy pecan nut and garnished with red rubies of the pomegranate, it is a delicacy that nobody refuses to taste.

These and some other delicacies will be the best part of the celebration, in that we can agree, mariachi style music, as well as, the typical costumes will make the meeting spectacular.