It will promote chili season in nogada agricultural production in the Texmelucan region.

  • Tourism must be a starter for this new normal, said the Secretary of Tourism

SAN MARTÍN TEXMELUCAN, Pue.- This region of the state is one of the main producers of the poblano pepper, which together with other elements that are produced in the field, such as red pomegranate, pear, castilla nut, peach and creole apple, achieve the chili in nogada, dish national par excellence.

This was explained by the Secretary of Tourism, Vanessa Barahona de la Rosa, during the start of the season for this dish in said area of the state, an event held at the Hotel Misión Grand of the Ex Hacienda de Chautla.

“ The chili season in nogada occurs in an atypical context, hence the need that together, all of us who are part of this sector and very particularly the agricultural producers, know that they have the will and the courage to find solutions to this great challenge” noted.

He stated that at the instructions of Governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta, strategies will be carried out that allow the reactivation of the sector, which will necessarily be implemented when contingency conditions allow.

Accompanied by Olga Méndez, president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry in the State, Barahona de la Rosa emphasized that in order to jointly establish a Plan for the Reactivation of the Tourism Sector and in particular the Restaurantist, It has installed a working table with CANIRAC to identify the mechanisms to be implemented, in addition to recognizing the commitment of the chamber to keep the restaurant sector operating, it will decisively support the novel marketing strategies that the organization formulates.

It is worth mentioning that the Hotel Misión Grand received those attending the event with remarkable care in carrying out the protocols of the so-called new normality and that they are also mandatory by the authorities. Among these, the access filter to the property stands out, in which the body temperature was verified with a laser thermometer, shoe sanitization, as well as the distribution of antibacterial gel to each of the attendees; the tasting was carried out with the healthy distance between the attendees, in addition to the fact that the staff at all times wore masks, masks and gloves.

The event was attended by Arturo Vázquez Chávez, a partner of CANIRAC, as well as Iván Martínez, special delegate of the CROC National Executive Committee in the state, and prominent local businessmen and local media. Also, there was an exhibition of local ingredients that make up this representative dish.