Empower the Magical Towns to consolidate Puebla as a world-class destination: Barahona

Empowering the Magical Towns to consolidate Puebla as a world-class destination: Barahona - The Secretary of Tourism met with businessmen from Puebla adhered to the Tesoros de México program CIUDAD DE PUEBLA, Pue.- When meeting with businessmen from Puebla who belong to the Tesoros de Mexico, promoted by the federal and state Secretary of Tourism, the owner in Puebla, Vanessa Barahona de la Rosa, recognized the importance of this meeting to identify opportunities for cooperation between associations and the State Government. He highlighted the willingness of the state president, Miguel Barbosa Huerta, so that together with the private initiative, the objectives of the sector are specified, in addition to recognizing that in this new reality it is required in the short term to promote local tourism and enhance the wealth of the Pueblos Mágicos, as a strategic spearhead to consolidate the entity as a world-class destination. For his part, the national president of Tesoros de México, Leobardo Espinosa López, offered to join efforts to reactivate Puebla tourism, after five months in which the establishments remained closed, and thus find the formula to attract visitors to Puebla, a destination with many benefits, he added. Currently 12 states of the Republic are adhered to this program and Puebla has 10 participating establishments, among which are: Mesón Sacristía, Casa Reyna, El Mural de los Poblanos, La Purificadora, Casona de la China Poblana, Casa de los Muñecos, Restaurant Entre Tierras y Molino de los Reyes, which have the characteristics of bringing together the cultural, historical, rescue, preservation, tradition and Mexican wealth of their properties, as well as offering a high quality of service standards. At this meeting, the head of the Ministry of Tourism was accompanied by businessmen from Puebla, owners and directors of the aforementioned establishments, which bear the distinctive Treasures of Mexico.