Capilla del Arte de la Universidad de las Américas Puebla

Located in Puebla

In October 2009, UDLAP Chapel of Art opens its doors with the exhibition of contemporary art Implications of the image. Since then, his gallery has focused on sharing with the public the most current expressions of local, national and international artistic work.

In addition to the gallery, Capilla del Arte has a forum where every week music (Wednesday, 7:30 pm), cinema (Friday, 6:30 pm) and family shows (Sundays, 4:30) are offered. Also, occasionally at other times of the week celebrates various activities such as book presentations, talks about art and culture, workshops and special screenings, all with free admission.

Building History:

With over a hundred years of history, the building houses the UDLAP Chapel of Art was originally built to receive the Warehouses of Mexico City, one of the most exclusive of the era that brought & #8220; clothes and novelties of the old continent for the good living & #8221 ;.

This department store was owned by a society created by the Lion brothers, of French origin, and which previously served the public in the building together (House of the Dolls). Looking to expand their business they undertake the project of building a building specially designed for their needs, something unique in Mexico, just preceded by the Iron Palace project in Mexico City. Thus, the characteristic green metal beams are brought from France to build a structure that stands out with its art nouveau style - in vogue in the European country - from the rest of the baroque surroundings of the Center of the poblana capital.

Later the building becomes the headquarters of another department store, Factories of France, and later houses the White store. In October 2009, the Mary Street Jenkins Foundation generously grants this building to the University of the Americas Puebla to extend a rich cultural program to those who live and live in the Angelopolitan city, revitalizing the space through the various proposals of art, music , dance, theater, cinema and literature that meet in Capilla del Arte to bring “Art and culture for good living” from one of the most important universities in Mexico for poblano society.

Areas that comprise it:

Gallery of contemporary art; artistic forum; Mini-reading space with a collection of the UDLAP and the Poniatowska Foundation.