Cascada de Tulimán

Waterfall, Natural space
Located in Zacatlán

This spectacular fall is located 30 minutes from Zacatlán, crossing the southern access and taking the road that goes to Chignahuapan, in just 15 minutes you will reach the buffer zone of San Isidro Tomatlán and to the left you enter through a dirt road that It leads to Quetzalapa, following this route you will arrive at the access booth to the Tulimán Ecotourism Park where you can enjoy an incomparable view of a waterfall of approximately 300 meters high, divided into 3 bodies that start with the Salto de Quetzalapa which is located within the municipality of Zacatlán.

You will also be able to live an incomparable experience in the viewpoint of the second body of the waterfall feeling the vertigo of the waterfall in a deep pool, but being in the Tulimán Ecotourism Park, you will not only be able to enjoy this spectacular waterfall as you will need of time and decision because throughout its more than 90 hectares of typical mountain geography.

You can visit the beautiful pool of “ Las Costillas”, a mineral water spring, a small suspension bridge, a hollow tree over 35 meters high and 7.50 meters in diameter in which there is a hole where 12 people can enter on average, so that for a few seconds can be the heart of that tree, you can also see the union of two rivers and their different and beautiful channels, the waterfall of “El Cajon”, cabins, 10 palapas distributed by different parts of the park well equipped with grills for a good Coexistence, you can also practice tree climbing and have fun on a zip line 120 meters long, in addition you will receive the careful attention of trained personnel.