Convento de las Madres Clarisas Capuchinas

Temples and former convents
Located in Puebla

The convent founded by Doña Ana Francisca de Zúñiga in 1704 still houses the Capuchin religious of the order of the Seraphic Father San Francisco.

The facade of the temple ends in a baroque niche with the image of Santa Ana and on the side cover, today closed, there is another with the image of San José.

This baroque style temple was renovated inside under the influence of the neoclassical in the nineteenth century. It conserves in the basement and in the sacristy some magnificent canvases of the life of Jesus, signed by José Manuel Marimón (S. XVII-XVIII).

The most revered image is that of the & #8220; Niño Cieguito & #8221 ;, which according to tradition was stolen from a convent in Morelia and when the eyes of emeralds were torn off they began to bleed. There is also a painting of the crucified Christ that belonged to the Jew Diego de Alvarado.