Ex-convento Franciscano de San Gabriel de San Pedro Cholula

Ex convent, Temples and former convents
Located in Cholula

The convent of San Gabriel is one of the oldest in Mexico; It was built in the year of 1549 on the ruins of the temple of Quetzalcóatl. Years later, in February 1553, it was consecrated by Martín de Hojacastro, the third Bishop of Puebla.

The convent has a neoclassical architectural style, made up of the chapels, the atrial fence, the temple, the atrium, the cloister, the chapel of natives and the chapel of the Third Order. The battlements, which give it an air of fortification, are typical of these first convents. It is located in the center of San Pedro Cholula and inside you can see some frescoes made since the time of its construction, as well as the paintings of the San Francisco de Asís road.

In the old Portería of the convent, there is a small gallery of Sacred Art where some specimens that the Franciscan Library protects are exhibited, as well as religious and artistic objects that complement the exhibition.