Fuente de los Sabores

Public Space of Interest
Located in Tochimilco

Fountain built in the 16th century year of 1560, designed by the Franciscan friar Diego de Olarte and made by indigenous hands. The source reveals the mix of European-Mexican cultures as it has an octagonal shape; its walls have flower-shaped figures and each one has the royal crown.

Likewise, the cuapilolle (central wall) has figures in the form of cats and feathers, and a beautiful shield at the tip of the central wall distinguishes and identifies Tochimilco. The shield is divided into four barracks and each one has a very representative meaning, from likewise legends engraved in Latin on both sides of the shield.

& #8220; The Source of Flavors & #8221; It receives this name since it had 24 water jets and these jets were made of different mud and provided the local community with water. Today the fountain is not in operation and in years past mud pipes were replaced by galvanized pipes. In all Latin America there are only 2 sources of this style, that of Tochimilco and one more found in the state of Chiapas.