Hidroeléctrica de Tepazolco

A natural space

During the administration of President Ávila Camacho, large hydraulic works were carried out for the development of the country. One of them was the Ávila Camacho Dam, the Valsequillo dam, which helped the state's agricultural production.

particularly in the Tecamachalco valley, Xochitlán Todos Santos, Tlacotepec and Tehuacán, irrigating more than 40,000 hectares. This great work was carried out in the year from 1948 to 1952, bringing the water to level; the Ávila Camacho dam has a height above the sea level of 2060 meters, it crosses a tunnel system, a bridge tunnel that supports a pressure of more than 30 meters of water column and a general channel. This general channel reaches Cerro de Tepazolco, it has a tunnel 4 meters in diameter and a distance of more than 300 meters to pass the water, when leaving there is a drop of more than 100 meters in height, with the necessary conditions to install a hydroelectric plant that would work with water from the Ávila Camacho dam for the generation of electrical energy for the region.

The Tepazolco Hydroelectric Plant has two generators for the production of electrical energy with Francis type turbines, with a production capacity of 10,000 KW.