Museo de Sitio de Cantona


At the Cantona Site Museum, visitors will appreciate the results of 20 years of archaeological research that lead to theorizing about everyday life and the worldview of the society that built and inhabited the city.

The selection of pieces, recovered in the various seasons of excavation, consists of skeletal remains of foreign and regional animals that served as food and, in some cases, as an offering; architectural elements that decorated some of the buildings in the city; various implements used in daily and ritual life such as projectile points, knives and pocket knives, grinding stones, large pots for storing grain and water, pots and ducklings with signs of having been used in cooking food; as well as tools used in the preparation of the ixtle fiber.

You will also have the opportunity to appreciate musical instruments, green stone and shell ornaments, as well as human skeletal remains found in a funeral parlor.