Paleoparque Las Ventas A.C.

Natural space, Museum

Come and you will be able to: enjoy an environment with a natural framework that will transport you to the passing of the years of extinct lives of both the prehistoric and pre-Hispanic of our region.

Come and you will be able to: discover the evolutionary past and present of our planet captured in the rocks of our Mixtec region.

Come and you can: carry out recreational activities outdoors enjoying nature and its years of history. Walking with your family and friends within our interpretive trails of our nature.

Come and you will be able to: coexist responsibly in fragments of the evolution of life embodied in our region.

Come and you will be able to: know and experience the passing of the millions of fossilized years studied by paleontology; and of a natural framework of cacti unique in the world discovered by botanists.

The highlight of the place: four impressive guided tours dedicated to all audiences.

  1. Paleontological and biological exhibition of the Mixteca Poblana, interpretative path of prehistoric life with diagrams and extinct lives in a natural setting.
  2. Pre-Hispanic salt flats ancestral activity inherited by tradition from our people using the benefits of our mother nature.
  3. Onyx quarries activity for more than half a century extracting this material considered by our semi-precious pre-Hispanic cultures giving daily sustenance to our people.
  4. Buried Chapel In Las Ventas, Zapotitlán Salinas Puebla are the ruins of a chapel known as & #8220; The Buried Chapel & #8221; because it is apparently buried.