Parroquia de la Natividad

Temples and former convents
Located in Atlixco

Dating from the 17th century, it is one of the few churches where you can still see the Spanish royal coats of arms. Until a few years ago, the dome had the same decoration as the Puebla cathedral, with yellow tile suns and large blue stripes.

The Atlixco parish is dedicated to the Nativity of Our Lady. The site was intended for religious use since the distribution of land and the layout for the Spanish population was made, since already in 1578, on a map of the historical cartography it is represented and it is specified that the church is a small adobe jack, that its state is dilapidated, and that it lacked cover.

Of great artistic and historical value are the bulk images and oil paintings that represent characters, scenes and biblical passages that this property protects, since they include works by Luis Juárez, Luis Barrueco, Miguel de Herrera and some more than, although Anonymous authors are of very good quality. Inside is a majestic organ. The Via Crucis stands out, signed by Miguel Cabrera, an artist from the 18th century.