Valle de Piedras Encimadas

A natural space
Located in Zacatlán

The wonder of nature is manifested in this impressive valley of which 200 hectares are owned by the State Government, it is 40 minutes from the city, following the route of the northern access of the city (Zacatlán-Tulancingo federal highway) you must travel 21 kilometers until you reach a properly marked junction of the road that will take you to the Piedras Encimadas Valley, which you will reach after traveling 10 more kilometers.

Already being in this place you will be able to enjoy an unforgettable contact with the magic of nature when you see the impressive and enigmatic rock formations that erosion, rain and wind have formed over millions of years, so you can observe the sitting elephant , the head of Popeye, the seal, the owl, the virgin, the little bird, the dove, the family, the seahorse, the loving mother, the cradle, the ideal couple, in short, dozens of figures that without a doubt they will amaze you.

Access to the Valley is free, you and your family can do the tour freely. There is also the camping area in the middle of the valley. Currently there are already complementary services that do have a cost and that are attended by trained personnel, among these we have: an exciting zip line,

Walking guides, horseback riding, sanitary services, a gastronomic plaza with cooks who offer typical foods of the region, in this same space you will find craft and souvenir shops. In the vicinity of the Valley there are cabins for lodging. Valle de Piedras Encimadas “Un defied your imagination and the laws of gravity”.